Discover How Wholesalers are Making $100k+ a Month 
Flipping Teardowns to Builders
Taught By Tucker Merrihew
The Host of The Real Dealz Podcast 
Owner of TTM Development Company in Portland, OR.
Rory Boone
Turnkey Investing
Seattle, WA
"With just one deal, I was able to make $105k flipping a lot to a builder.  I never knew this niche was so profitable."
About "The Flipping Teardowns" Product
"There is no other training product like this that has ever been created! The reason being, is because most REI Guru's and Information Marketers have no idea this insanely profitable niche even exists, and even if they did they would have no idea how to take advantage of it. This is a training product created by a successful real estate investor, for real estate investors who are in the investing trenches every day trying to generate bigger more profitable deals!"

This is without a doubt the most profitable niche in 2016 for House Flippers and Wholesalers. As you know, the real estate market is hot right now, and in addition we’re seeing record low housing inventory numbers in most markets all around the country. Everyone is facing the major challenge of finding deals right now....that includes retail buyers, home builders and investors. Because of this, rehabbers, investors and builders are paying top dollar for anything that resembles a deal. The focus of this training product however is finding that “teardown inventory” and providing it to home builders. If you can source this type of product for a builder (and in this training we will teach you to do just that), they will pay you top dollar for your deal while giving you much less hassle than a rehabber. All builders care about is getting “teardown inventory” in desirable area’s that people want to live, and in return for providing that product to them they will pay HUGE wholesale fee’s! We have done this over and over again in our own market, and so have many of our Deal Finder Academy Members from all across the country! By investing in this training you are well on your way to becoming another success story of investors making BIG checks (and I’m talking six figures BIG) Flipping Teardowns!  
Tucker Explains The Flipping Teardowns Product in this Webinar
"If you have the ability to flip projects to builders, I would HIGHLY recommend it"
Justin Silverio
"The Boston Investor"
Boston, MA
"My biggest wholesale checks to date, are from flipping to builders"
Michael Lohin
Boston, MA
"Your time is limited, put in the work where you'll make the most profit!"
Nathan Poteet
Dallas, TX
Letter From Tucker Merrihew
Do You Want To Learn How to Make $100K a Month?
          I wrote this book because there is a HUGE opportunity right now for wholesalers to make an absolute killing, flipping teardowns to builders! Our own business, along with many other Investors within our Deal Finders Academy are making a TON more money flipping teardowns to builders, than flipping a traditional wholesale deal to a rehabber. Builders will pay top dollar for a deals right now and they’ll give you zero hassle regarding your giant wholesale fee! Builders need to keep their construction machine building, and they need you the real estate investor to help provide them the teardown inventory they need!
          If you can find a teardown home in a solid area, where they want to build, they will always pay you more than any other buyer for that deal. Builders traditionally have very poor marketing systems, and because of that they depend on the MLS or Realtors to bring them deals. When the market is hot and the amount of available inventory to buy is super low, good deals are very hard to find on the MLS or from Realtors, and that’s why they NEED you working to find them deals! This creates a huge opportunity for you the real estate investor, to make GIANT wholesale checks serving up deals on a silver platter to builders! They get inventory they wouldn’t have found otherwise, and you get bigger checks than you would normally receive flipping to rehabbers!
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